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Sam Altman’s Leaked Meeting Notes Reveals OpenAi’s Future (#127)

Dr. Daniel Bender's AI podcast notes
AI-generated based on their snips

1. Investing in NVIDIA could still be worth it despite the cryptocurrency craze. NVIDIA is actively working to lower the cost of intelligence by making things cheaper and faster; GPT3's training cost is expected to drop from $4.6 million to $30 by 2030.
2. Google's new algorithm will lead to the emergence of specialized, smaller businesses and cost reductions. AI can significantly reduce work time and enhance productivity, and co-pilot experience in businesses is imminent.
3. Custom objects are a big thing in CRM and custom models will arise for different parts of the customer experience instead of just one co-pilot. There will be niche co-pilots for different parts of the customer experience.
4. Users want higher token limits for complex use cases such as contracts and lectures. Bigger token limits will lead to better model ingestion, feedback loops for improved training, and unfair advantage for companies like OpenAI and Antropic. A million token limit would allow for summarization of 10-hour-long videos or all Star Wars movies.
5. Multi modality allows AI to understand text, video, and images, and create content for those formats. In a multi-modal AI world, website heat maps inform real-time design changes on a per-person basis, which allows modality personalization at an unprecedented scale.
6. Multimodality will be incredibly powerful for marketing, plugins do not have product market fit, and people want chat GPT inside their apps; not the other way around. Natural language capabilities are what users really want in their apps. Both visual and chat user interfaces are important for the best user experience.
7. OpenAI is a platform company that many people are building on. Competing with partners is a recipe for disaster and OpenAI will not be building any more consumer products outside of chatchibt. OpenAI's decision to become a platform company creates opportunities for entrepreneurs and developers to build on Open AI while avoiding competition with the company.
8. The key to making money is to follow boring but profitable things. Building a B2B platform is the way to go as consumer products generate little to no revenue.

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