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Interesting stories and notes on the craft of storytelling
Understanding your audience is necessary for a successful writing career
5 Skills to Level Up Your Life - Season 6 Roundup

Writing for Profit: Understanding Your Audience and Serving Their Needs

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100. Ira Glass Part 3: The Best Advice

The Law of Stories

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A Friendly Ghost Story

The Key to Their Success

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Dig deep and share who you really are. Don't compromise.
Comedian and Actor Ramy Youssef Tells a Muslim American Story

Overcoming a Bad Performance and Finding Value in Stand-Up Comedy

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Storytelling with Nancy Duarte: How to craft compelling presentations and tell a story that sticks

Incorporating Story into Presentations with Rise and Fall Cadence

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So often the idea of ourselves and our relationships our stories is crucial, we learn to navigate those not just with ourselves, but with our partners.
Dan Savage on Polyamory, Chosen Family and Better Sex

The Importance of Changing Relationship Narratives Together

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  • In a marriage, the initial idea of a couple can stop being true. Couples that thrive can find another idea of themselves. It's also true for individuals.
  • Knowing how to tell and change the story of yourself is a skill. It's important to revise the story together with a partner to avoid conflicts.
  • In a successful partnership, new stories should be agreed upon and inhabited together. When in conflict, it's important to come to a new understanding of each other's roles.
122 | What Do Professional Actors Look For In Good Scripts? (ft. Allison Tolman)

"Pretend Women are People" - Writing Compelling Female Characters

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  • Women want more layered and complex female characters in scripts
  • Complicated female characters should not just be portrayed as 'super bitchy'
  • Women should be written as people with complexity and depth
A story about how to find the original song stuck in your head, not finding it while googling.
#158 The Case of the Missing Hit

Living in the Hell of a Stuck Memory

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All time favorites Podcast No.1
Jim O’Shaughnessy - Premeditated Success - [Invest Like the Best, EP.29]

Recommended Books: Complete Poems and Plays of T

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  • The complete poems and plays of T.S. Eliot, including 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock', is recommended as one of the greatest poems written in the last 150 years.
  • For poetry lovers, 'Cloud Atlas' by David Mitchell is a highly praised and unique book that surpasses its movie adaptation.
  • The book 'The Misbehaviour of Markets' by Mandelbrot challenges the efficient market theory and demonstrates that markets are chaotic normal, not log normal.
Part Four: Vince McMahon, History's Greatest Monster

My Dinner with Andre (Arnold Schwarzenegger & Andre the Giant’s Funny Friendship)

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  • Andre the Giant and Arnold Schwarzenegger became friends in the mid 80s when Andre was at the height of his wrestling fame.
  • During a meal together, they had a playful fight over who would pay the bill, which ended with Andre lifting Arnold and setting him on a window ledge.
  • Andre was known for his strength and cool demeanor even outside of the wrestling ring.
The Library of Alexandra

The emergence of Sci Hub

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  • 2011, Aaron Schwartz is indicted and Alexandra starts SciHub
  • SciHub is accused of breaking the law by distributing material without legal rights
  • Alexandra refuses to appear in court, resulting in a $15 million award to the publishers in damages
“Why Are We Single?” (w/ Marie Faustin & Dave Mizzoni)

The Importance of Smell in Attraction

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An Educated Adult - with Tadashi Tokieda

The Role of Drawing in Mathematics and Lectures

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  • Drawing is not just a side interest for the speaker, but a significant part of their work.
  • The speaker draws abundantly in their lectures to illustrate what they are doing.
  • Mathematics provides the speaker with an excuse to draw.
Masterful example of storytelling quantum entanglement through ordering sandwiches
HBH 51: Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement explained as Schrodinger's Sandwiches

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803: Greetings, People Of Earth

Testing the Limits of ChatGPT with New Original Tasks

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Introducing... History's Secret Heroes

Virginia Hall's Remarkable Journey: From Amputation to World War II Spy

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