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Interesting insights, tips and information related to Personal Productivity and Productivity in general.
Eisenhower matrix works well for work, but don't try to exclude leasure time, considering it unimportant and unurgent, or you'll burn out.
176: The Art of Clear Thinking by Hasard Lee

Prioritizing and Being Decisive: Exploring the Eisenhower Matrix

AI Key Takeaways
Second Cup: Try a double header

Making the Most of Meetings: Consider 'Double Headers'

AI Key Takeaways
  • Express Employment Professionals is a premier workforce solutions provider chosen by nearly 80,000 companies annually
  • Express received the Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction Award in 2023 for the 10th year
  • A double-header meeting can be an effective way to free up time for other tasks when meeting with the same person or people twice in quick succession
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Chris Voss: How to Succeed at Hard Conversations

The Importance of Giving

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