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Learnings from growth hacking practitioners and professionals. Share interesting marketing experiments and startup growth marketing stories.
Interesting! #ai marketing #seo
20Growth: How AI Will Change the Game For Content Creation and SEO, The Secret to Mastering SEO, When and How To Invest in SEO Most Effectively & The Best and Worst SEO Strategies with Joost De Valk, Founder @ Yoast

How AI Impacts SEO

AI Key Takeaways
  • AI is going to have a significant impact on content creation in the next few years, particularly in the area of outlining and summarizing research for writing original content.
  • While AI is helpful in creating content quickly, it is not perfect and is likely to create a lot of low quality content.
  • The importance of quality content will continue to be important, and Google is likely to focus more on the author of the content in the future.
The impact of hype with Clubhouse's Paul Davison

The Importance of Mitosis in the Growth of Online Communities

AI Key Takeaways
  • Clubhouse has extreme product market fit with one community.
  • Product market fit is not a binary thing, and as a company grows, it needs to get product market fit again and again and again at each new level of scale in order to continue its growth trajectory.
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So interesting that Calendly got it’s start in the education sector. #startups #success #product #growthhacking #viralloop
Behind the scenes of Calendly’s rapid growth | Annie Pearl (CPO)

How Calendly Got Their First Thousand Users

AI Key Takeaways
  • Calendly got their first thousand users by getting users from a customer success firm that was using the same product.
  • The product was free at first.
  • The product grew organically from there.
#372 – Simone Giertz: Queen of Sh*tty Robots, Innovative Engineering, and Design

Leveraging Your Personal Brand & Trust as a Content Creator To Drive Other Businesses.

AI Key Takeaways
  • Health problems taught the speaker that the influencer business model is fragile
  • Diversification is important in business
  • Product business is a perfect combination with Youtube channel as R&D department
How Notion leveraged community to build a $10B business | Camille Ricketts (Notion, First Round Capital)

Community Led Growth Initiatives That Really Drove Growth at Notion

AI Key Takeaways
  • The community efforts that were very big for Notion were the ambassadors, making sure that people were hosting inperson events, and the pause for 2020, 2021, but now they are back up to 30 in-person events a month.
  • This helped on the international scale of spreading ubiquity and ended up lending itself to relationships with Station F in France, which is the biggest startup campus in Paris.
  • Supporting those people to also start their own businesses and derive whatever reward they were looking for themselves.
#community #growth #startups #growthhacking #inspiration
The impact of hype with Clubhouse's Paul Davison

Clubhouse Hype Was Community Driven

AI Key Takeaways
  • Hype can be a dream for founders, because it is exciting.
  • The community played a role in the hype around the company.
  • Hype is a good thing if it is done in a measured way.
How To Get Your Initial Customers

How to Grow Your Business by FOMO: The 3 Best Practices

AI Key Takeaways
  • To get your first 100 to 1000 customers and users, use friends, FOMO, and a gamified system.
  • The main way to get people to sign up for your service is through referrals.
#newsletter #socialmedia #growthhacking
Grow Your Newsletter Fast: Secrets to Skyrocketing Your Subscribers

Create a bit of FOMO with social media posts to grow your newsletter

AI Key Takeaways
  • Regularly drumming up enthusiasm for your newsletter is important.
  • Promoting what was missed out on the previous day can help to build curiosity.
  • Giving people only a taste of what's coming out can help to create FOMO.
Your Roadmap From $1 To $500k Per Month

Aim For Nonlinear Growth & Clean Up Processes at Each New Level

AI Key Takeaways
  • Growth should involve periods of pausing to evaluate and solidify new levels
  • Each level of growth requires different processes and understanding of levers
  • Skipping the pause to crystallize processes leaves a business vulnerable to rapid growth without understanding how they got there
20Growth: Biggest Growth Lessons from Reddit and Zynga on Scaling to Millions of Users | Why, When and How To Hire Your First Growth Hires | The Biggest Mistakes Founders Make In Hiring, Onboarding and Integration for Growth Teams with Vaibhav Sahgal, VP

Growth = Value Connection

AI Key Takeaways
Bill Gurley – All Things Business and Investing - [Invest Like the Best, EP.137]

How Yelp Built an Unparalleled Local Network and Became a Leader in Quality Reviews

AI Key Takeaways
  • Network effects are important when it comes to quality.
  • Quality is more important than breadth when it comes to a successful business.
  • Jeremy focused on night clubs in San Francisco and got the fire going really bright, which led to quality being high.
99 Years of Charlie Munger Wisdom in 44 Minutes

The Secret Juju About SEO

AI Key Takeaways
Mastering Flow, The Power of the Mind, and Aging with Steven Kotler | Mind Meld 342

Developing a learning protocol for onboarding physical skills in older adults

AI Key Takeaways
  • The learning protocol developed by blending body cognition, network neuroscience, and flow science can help older adults onboard seemingly impossible physical skills
  • Park skiing was chosen as the test subject as it is generally considered impossible to learn after a certain age due to biological reasons
  • The speaker had personal motivation to test the learning protocol as they had unfinished business with skiing
Content lessons from Mr Beast
#351 – MrBeast: Future of YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram

You Want to Test New Things While You're Still Growing

AI Key Takeaways
  • It is important to continue learning and experimenting, even when things are going well.
  • It is important to avoid getting stuck in a feedback loop.
Bugs are part of experimentation
The ultimate guide to A/B testing | Ronny Kohavi (Airbnb, Microsoft, Amazon)

Bugs in Experiments

AI Key Takeaways
  • Not every experiment maps to an idea.
  • 10% of experiments tend to be aborted on the first date.
  • Experiments with a high failure rate are very humbling.
The ultimate guide to SEO | Ethan Smith (Graphite)

SEO Myths: Technical Audits

AI Key Takeaways
  • Technical audits are not what companies actually want, they want to grow
  • Technical audits in SEO involve using a tool like Screaming Frog to identify bugs on a website
  • A tech audit report may not be that useful in helping a company grow
#33: Seth Erickson – Navigating Dating, Politics & Humanity in the AI Era

AI & The New Era of Hyper Individualization in Marketing

AI Key Takeaways
I can't make products just for 41 year old tech founders," Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky on taking it back to the basics

Thoughts on Advertising Business on Airbnb: Brian Chesky @Airbnb

AI Key Takeaways
The ultimate guide to SEO | Ethan Smith (Graphite)

The Importance of Analyzing Other People's Sites and Our Own Site in Making Qualified Hypotheses

AI Key Takeaways
  • More time and value is gained from assessing other people's and their own sites than testing.
  • Analyzing other people's and their own sites leads to valuable hypotheses for testing.