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How to prompt like a pro in MidJourney with Linus Ekenstam

Is the Future of Knowledge Work About Prompt Engineering?

AI Key Takeaways
  • Prompting will become less about engineering and more about natural language.
  • Precursors will happen as we move away from assembly linestyle AI models.
#670: The Random Show with Kevin Rose — The $1M Bitcoin Bet, Japanophilia, Rare IPAs, Preventing Hangovers, AI Companions, Fringe Discords, Affordable Luxuries, High-Fidelity Audio, and Much More

With ChatGPT you’re no longer limited by your skills

AI Key Takeaways
  • GPT-3 can help writers overcome writer's block
  • GPT-3 can provide suggestions to improve prompts
  • GPT-3 can assist itself in generating content
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Most “prompt hack cheat sheets” you see flying around LinkedIn are bs. Here’s how to add more dimensionality to your prompts.
#33: Seth Erickson – Navigating Dating, Politics & Humanity in the AI Era

4D Prompts: Maximizing ChatGPT for Brainstorming & Business Strategy

AI Key Takeaways
#333 – Andrej Karpathy: Tesla AI, Self-Driving, Optimus, Aliens, and AGI

Are You Adding Extra Prompts From Your Memory?

AI Key Takeaways
#669: Kevin Kelly — Excellent Advice for Living

Using Chat GPT to Generate Headlines and Punchlines for Content

AI Key Takeaways
It’s more than auto predicting on steroids, it’s more nuanced with lots of word knowledge encoded
From Homework to Real Work: What Generative AI Means for Every Business - with Ori Goshen of AI21 Labs

GPT Encoding Knowledge

AI Key Takeaways
  • The transformer architecture has been around since 2017 but its capabilities have surprised many when scaled with more data and compute;
  • Neural nets, when prompted to predict a sequence of words, adjust the weights in a way that encodes a lot of word knowledge and abstraction;
  • Businesses can benefit from a foundation model trained on general knowledge and fine-tuned for specific domains like finance using language blades.
Should we fear ChatGPT?
#367 – Sam Altman: OpenAI CEO on GPT-4, ChatGPT, and the Future of AI

The Terror of GPT-like Models

AI Key Takeaways
Bank Runs, Crypto Scams and World-Transforming AI with Tyler Cowen

How Much Time Are You Spending Every Week Exploring GPT?

AI Key Takeaways
  • Jonathan Swift recommends focusing on what you are passionate about when choosing a career, and learning the ancillary goods and services that will be needed along the way, including AI.
  • Jonathan spends a lot of time experimenting with technology, using GPT4 as a stand-in for Swift.
Interesting prompt from r ChatGPT.
5 Ways People Are Using ChatGPT's Powerful New Custom Instructions Feature

Developer Niston's Detailed Instructions for Customized Chat GPT Responses

AI Key Takeaways
Prof Ethan Mollick calling for wider prompt sharing
Prompt and Process with Ethan Mollick [AI miniseries]

Using Step-By-Step Prompting and the Need for More Sharing in AI Text Generation

AI Key Takeaways
  • Step by step prompting is recommended for users with more experience.
  • Step by step approach improves AI performance.
  • Sharing prompts among power users is important for community growth and learning.
328 Joe Rogan Experience Review of Michio Kaku Et al.

Discussions on Chat GPT, Privacy, and Hacking

AI Key Takeaways
  • The speaker was not impressed with chat GPT as it just plagiarizes from the internet and may or may not be true
  • As a professor, the speaker's angle was that chat GPT is often used for cheating
  • There is a concern about the lack of privacy in the future due to technologies like quantum computing and the potential for government computer systems to be hacked
Expertise is becoming more important when using ChatGPT
Prompt and Process with Ethan Mollick [AI miniseries]

The Importance of Expertise when using AI

AI Key Takeaways
Comparisons of Bard Vs ChatGPT
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Chat GPT vs. BARD

AI Key Takeaways