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Forward Thinking on the social contract in a postpandemic world with Minouche Shafik and Andrew Sheng

Feb 2, 2022
In this episode of the McKinsey Global Institute’s Forward Thinking podcast, guest interviewer Jonathan Woetzel talks with two leading economists spanning Europe and Asia. Baroness Minouche Shafik is director of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Andrew Sheng is distinguished fellow at the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong. The conversation centers on the state of the social contract that underpins society. They answer questions including:
● What is the social contract, and why do we need one?
● Is the social contract broken, and do we need a new one?
● How does the social contract extend into issues of sustainability, and, if so, is this an opportunity to reimagine that contract?
● Has the pandemic brought us closer to a different kind of social contract?

This conversation was recorded in December 2021. To read a transcript of this episode, visit:

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