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#241 – Money, Happiness, and Productivity as a Solo Founder with Pieter Levels (Part 1 of 2)

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Is It Like Ahamson Increases Bitterness?

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I think i price spent my college years partying, mostly the first couple of years. Seriously. Dam me. I in ado, i moin to do start upsusa, you random start caseyou've so a witot, big mixs yeye, ye, you've a awast time. It's like like, thats a perfect time to start a lot of stuff. And maybe it's just the united states, where it's kind of like everything you do is luck,. You can't be proud of what you've done, because you know it was only a result of your privilege or upbringing their parents money, or whatever. But simultaneously, in like optimism, alik,

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