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#585: Professor Donald Hoffman — The Case Against Reality, Beyond Spacetime, Rethinking Death, Panpsychism, QBism, and More

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Do you have any thoughts on Hallucnogenic Drugs?

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Nima artani hamed gave a semesterlong class at harvard in the fall of 20 19. He's got, mazin 20 more lectures on this. Ats incredible. Okes, we will put this for aba listening. We'll find it in the show notes at tim dop log slash podcast i'd love to return to something you mention in passing, which is hallucnogenic drugs. I would love to know what you and interesting about hollucinaganc drugs, or what questions they raise,. anything at all that leads you to find them distant an area of interest. The same thing happens at death, with near death experiences, those are merely brain malf

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